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DONGGUAN COOLFLOW INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.andHUIZHOU COOLFLOW MOTOR CO., LTD.the brand consists of Chinese, English and graphics and can be used alone or in a flexible combination.
1. The Chinese brand name is "Cold Stream". Used in domestic sales of products.

2. The English brand name is: COOLFLOW, which is a combination of COOL and FLOW in English. It is an English translation of “Cold Stream” and represents the company's refrigeration and heat dissipation industry.

3. The company's common image recognition uses our graphic logo + English trademark combination model, meaning: Chaoyang Phoenix, red feathers spread wings; winds cold, flaring claws!

Explanation: This design takes the wings of the phoenix as the design element and uses the fan blades to rotate. The English trademark has the cool color COOLFLOW, and the company is engaged in the refrigeration industry. The overall pattern is a triangle, representing our company's business philosophy of striving for stability, building a solid foundation, striving to improve internal strength, preventing risks, and keeping a low profile. The red color of the graphic represents the company's vigorous, energetic, dreaming, and united team. It is an innovative team that breaks through and transcends tradition.
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