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Notebook fan cooling principle

With the development and development of science and technology era, water cooling technology has become the most popular topic, many of my friends also want to chase the trend in their own computer to install water cooling system, but the cooling method, although the cooling efficiency is high, but at the same time it The cost is much higher than the air-cooled system to several times, so for now, air-cooled cooling is still the main way of cooling, for example, in the computer, including CPU, graphics, power and chassis, most still use is Traditional cooling fan. Cooling fan is a heat transfer process - conduction, convection, radiation and other methods.

At present, many notebook computers use aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, the heat also played a certain effect. We all know that at the bottom of the laptop are usually cooling vents, or inhalation or blowing, the laptop is very important to heat. Notebook computers in the planning of the time also take into account the heat doubt, usually with the feet to lift the fuselage, but the temperature is too high, it seems contrast far enough. Then here for everyone to introduce the cooling principle of the notebook cooling fan:

Notebook fan cooling principle:

1, through the principle of thermal conductivity to achieve thermal function. The plastic or metal made of heat base at the bottom of the notebook, raise the notebook to promote air circulation and heat radiation, can achieve heat dissipation.

2, in the cooling base above and then install a number of cooling fans to improve the cooling performance. This air-cooled cooling method includes both suction and hair.

The difference between the two forms of air supply is the difference in the form of airflow, the turbulence generated when blowing, is active cooling, wind pressure is large but easy to suffer resistance loss, such as our daily summer fan; Flow, are passive cooling, wind pressure is small but the air flow is stable.
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