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How does the computer fan clean up the dust

Dust as the number one killer of the computer has a serious impact on the life of the computer. In general, the computer or laptop placement or purchase time is too long, the chassis and the cabinet will be filled with dust. Too much dust inside the computer, not only will affect the electrical components between the poor contact, but also affect the internal cooling fan of the normal rotation, in addition to low cooling fan cooling capacity, increase unnecessary annoying noise, therefore, for this situation, It is especially important to clean the dust on a regular basis. The following teach you how to quickly clean up the computer dust:

First, prepare the gadget:

Before cleaning up, we have to buy some cleaning tools: a small soft brush, screwdriver, towel, alcohol, oil, knife, toothpick and so on. Which brush, screwdriver, oil is essential items

Second, the fan of the demolition and dusting oil:

In general, the power supply fan is most difficult to clean up because of its disassembly is very troublesome. Here we give you a detailed explanation of the power supply fan disassembly and cleaning. In the power supply on the back of the chassis, there are four screws, screw it with a screwdriver, carefully remove the power from the chassis, and then remove the four small screws behind the power supply, remove the power housing, and then use a screwdriver Remove the power supply fan. First of all, with the brush on the fan blades to deal with the dust, this step is relatively easy. In order to eliminate the noise, we also need to add the lubricating oil in the roller part of the fan. Use a screwdriver to carefully peel off the sticker behind the fan and expose the rubber stopper.

Third, the fan dust:

With a small screwdriver or toothpick to take out the rubber plug, then you can see the fan bearings, and then carefully drop a few drops of oil, the rubber suit is good, back stickers back to the original place.

Fourth, manual rub oil:

Manual rotation of the fan, so that lubricating oil into the bearing. Finally installed fans, when the computer runs a few seconds later, the lubricating oil evenly distributed around the bearing, the noise decreases, the fan cooling better.
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