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Automotive cooling fan classification

Radiator fan is an indispensable part of the car, the car's heat plays a very important role, the use of a car more than the use of radiator fans naturally more and more, the species also appeared in the All kinds of, so what is the common radiator fan? Here for everyone to introduce the next:

First, steel radiator

This kind of radiator, according to its material and performance differences, we have it divided into a plate and the column of these two, but in practice when the purchase of such radiators, it should also pay attention to safety Sexual problems, after all, used in the car above, if the product quality is poor, there will be a lot of security risks, the car and people will cause a great threat. If it is to test the radiator corrosion resistance, must pass the waterway inspection, can not believe the business of exaggerated propaganda.

Second, iron radiator and aluminum radiator

In the past few years, these two radiator applications are still relatively wide, but because of their performance or there are many drawbacks, the advantage is not as obvious as the steel radiator, and now has been the heat of steel Device replaced, and now in the market is difficult to see the two radiators figure.

Different radiators, whether from the material or performance point of view, there is a big difference, and use it will be different, so when the purchase must be clear what they want, on the heat What kind of requirements, and then choose the most suitable for their own, is the best.
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