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How to install the cooling fan

Cooling fans will be different due to the installation method, which led to heat dissipation is very different, and today we share the theme is: "cooling fan installation skills" details are as follows:

Generally the correct installation of the cooling fan is conducive to the product's thermal performance, including the installation direction, direction, location, distance from the heat dissipation products and so on.

1, set the cooling fan side inhalation, please try to stay away from the cooling body and so on. (When the cooling body is flat, the area is roughly the same as the fan, the standard is 250px.

2, the cooling fan installation hole should be greater than the fan diameter, fan installation aperture & gt; fan diameter.

3, the installation of the fan, the cooling fan and the panel should not leave a gap between. (Leaving the gap in the case, will not give full play to the cooling effect)

4, the wind direction and the flow of cross-sectional area of the rapid changes will weaken the cooling effect, so please avoid this situation.

5, use the unilateral flange surface to install (unilateral flange installation).

6, the use of bolts to install (both sides of the flange installation), both sides of the flange installation, please fix the case, so that it does not change. The tightening torque should be around 0.44N · m.

7, box-type fan installation Please put the box fan at the screw hole, insert the panel opening, use the attached mounting screws and nuts to be fixed, the lid can be installed up and down, according to the actual needs of the installation.
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