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Cooling fan of the technical indicators

1, the amount of air flow is the cooling fan per minute or into the total volume of air, if calculated by cubic feet, the air volume unit is CFM; if calculated by cubic meters, is the CMM. Cooling fans often use the air volume unit is CFM (about 0.028 cubic meters / minute).

Air volume is the most important measure of the cooling capacity of the cooling fan. Obviously, the greater the air flow of the cooling fan cooling capacity is also higher. This is because the air heat capacity ratio is certain, the greater the amount of air, that is, more time per unit of air can take more heat. Of course, the same amount of air flow in the case of cooling and wind flow related.

2, wind pressure and air volume are two relative concepts. In general, the manufacturers cost savings considerations, to design the fan of the air volume, it is necessary to sacrifice some wind pressure. If the fan can drive a lot of air flow, but the wind pressure is small, the wind can not blow the bottom of the radiator (which is why some fan speed is very high, the air volume is great, but the cooling effect is not good reason), on the contrary, Wind pressure often means that the air volume is small, there is not enough cold air and heat sink for heat exchange, will cause poor heat dissipation.

3, the fan speed is the number of fan blades per minute rotation, the unit is rpm. The fan speed is determined by the number of turns of the coil inside the motor, the operating voltage, the number of fan blades, the inclination, the height, the diameter and the bearing system. Speed and fan quality is not necessarily linked. The speed of the fan can be measured by the internal speed signal, or it can be measured externally.

With the application of the situation and the ambient temperature changes, sometimes need different speed fans to meet the demand. Some manufacturers specifically designed to adjust the fan speed of the cooling fan, manual and automatic two. The main manual is to allow users to use low speed in the winter to obtain low noise, summer use of high speed to get a good cooling effect. Automatic thermostat radiator generally with a temperature control sensor, according to the current operating temperature automatically control the fan speed, high temperature increases the speed, low temperature is reduced speed to achieve a dynamic balance, so that the wind noise And the heat effect to maintain an optimal combination of points.

4, in addition to cooling effect, the fan noise is also a common concern. Fan noise is the size of the noise generated when the fan is working, subject to various factors, in decibels (dB). The noise of the measuring fan needs to be carried out in an anechoic chamber with a noise less than 17 dB, one meter from the fan and aligned with the fan inlet in the direction of the fan shaft, and measured in A-weighted manner. Fan noise spectrum characteristics are also important, so also need to use the spectrum recorder to record the fan frequency distribution of noise, the general requirements of the fan noise to be as small as possible, and can not exist abnormal sound.

Fan noise is related to friction, air flow. The higher the fan speed, the greater the air volume, resulting in the greater the noise, the other fan's own vibration is also a factor can not be ignored. Of course, high-quality fan's own vibration will be very small, but the front two are difficult to overcome. To solve this problem, we can try using a larger fan size. Should the air volume in the same circumstances, the big fan at lower speed when the work noise is less than the small fan at high speed when the work noise. Another factor we are easy to overlook is the fan's bearing. As the fan high-speed rotation between the shaft and the bearing to friction between the collision, it is also a major source of fan noise.
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