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Fan bearings can be divided into the following three categories: ball bearings, oil bearings and magnetic bearings. Bearing the difference will play a different fan performance and life of the impact, therefore, manufacturers in the purchase of DC fans, the fan bearings will have the requirements and considerations, then these three bearings have this difference, the following For everyone to understand the next DC fan bearing classification and advantages and disadvantages:

1, ball bearing

Ball bearings change the friction of the bearing, the use of rolling friction, the middle of the two iron ring there are some steel or steel columns, and supplemented by some smooth oil. This method is more effective to reduce the friction between the bearing surface phenomenon, effectively enhance the service life of the fan bearings, and thus reduce the heat of the radiator, the use of extended life. The drawback is that the process is more complex, lead to cost increase.

2, oil bearing

Oil-bearing is the use of sliding friction sleeve bearings, the use of smooth oil as a smooth agent and drag reduction agent. Can be said that the market is now the most common kind of bearing technology, due to low cost, easy to manufacture, many products, including well-known brands are still continue to use. Its advantage is the initial use of quiet, low noise, low prices.

3, magnetic suspension bearings

The magnetic suspension is designed by magnetic system (MS), which uses magnetic force to suspend the rotor in the air, so that there is no mechanical contact between the rotor and the stator. The principle is that the magnetic induction lines are perpendicular to the maglev line, and the axis and the magnetic flux are parallel. Therefore, the weight of the rotor is fixed on the running track. The application is simply the no-load shaft to the reverse direction of the anti-magnetic line, The rotor is floating on the fixed running track. Compared with the traditional ball bearing, oil bearing, magnetic bearings do not exist mechanical contact, the rotor can run to a high speed, with mechanical wear, low energy consumption, low noise, long life, no smooth, no oil pollution , Especially for high-speed, vacuum, clean and other special environment. Magnetic levitation is only an auxiliary function, not an independent bearing, detailed application have to match other bearing methods, such as magnetic levitation + ball bearings, magnetic levitation + oil bearing, magnetic levitation + vaporized bearings.
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