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Routine maintenance measures for cooling fans

Most of the cooling fan used in chassis cabinets, auto parts, new energy electronics and industrial environmental protection and so on. Cooling fan is composed of fan frame, fan impeller, core motor and other components. The main role is to equipment and industrial space replacement air cooling exhaust. Due to the diversification of the use of cooling fans, so in the daily work, we have to do some of the daily cooling of the protective measures, then, for everyone to explain, the use of cooling fans need to pay attention to what matters, what needs to do daily Measures.

First, check the installation of cooling fan

Whether the fan is broken loose, the installation is in place, with or without anti-installed.

Second, the surrounding environment

Fan around the dust is too much, debris pile, the ground is wet, whether it is open air, whether it has done a good waterproof and other measures. If not, clean up and then run.

Third, the power supply

Remote areas, often the phenomenon of current and voltage instability, pressure instability will affect the efficiency of the work and the length of life of the product.

Finish the above three points, the fan can start work. Finally, it should be noted that the cooling fan is running in the presence of abnormal sound, if the fan has a different sound, it describes the fan internal anomalies, therefore, should immediately stop the fan, the fan to check, and long-term operation caused by motor overheating, Burn out the equipment.
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