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Air conditioning Axial fan cleaning steps

With the arrival of the autumn and winter season, the weather is getting cold and cold, the era of summer inflammation has passed, air conditioning will be vacant naturally, and just fall is the most active season of bacterial growth, air conditioning is the most Easy to filthy place, so we use the air conditioning in the summer, when the fall of the air conditioning must be a depth of cleaning, the following to teach you how to air-conditioning axial fan cleaning:

The first step, clean air conditioning cover and filter. Due to the use of time is too long, cover and filter will accumulate a lot of dust, so these two places is also we need to focus on the general air conditioning in the room and the screen should not be too much oil, as long as Remove it to rinse with water.

The second step, in the clean air-conditioning axial fan is a long axis under the filter, its surface simply around the dirty things. Remove it, and then use professional cleaning things to clean up the dirt around the above. Because the axial fan is the center of the air conditioner, can not be arbitrarily opened, so, must be professional operation, or simply lead to the machine was destroyed.

The third step, clean the shell of the outdoor unit, which is mainly from the heat effect, the outdoor air through it to the cycle of exchange, some close to the cigarette port of the outdoor unit may also absorb a lot of fumes, these are hinder air fresh the elements of. Home users of the outdoor unit as long as the use of water can be washed, if the fumes are heavy or by the roadside side of the outdoor unit, you need to add some cleaning fluid to clean it.

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