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Air purifier fan maintenance method

Every autumn, due to changes in weather temperature, bacteria grow speed, so many people do not know the situation is likely to be infected with colds and cough discomfort and other issues, as people's living standards improve, people are increasingly The more began to focus on home living environment, indoor air quality is directly related to the speed of bacterial infection and our physical and mental health, so that the improvement of indoor air quality is very important.

Therefore, in order to have a better living environment, many families have configured air purifier to purify the air at home, inhibit the spread of bacteria. But want to have a good air quality, light configuration is not enough, we also need regular maintenance of the air purifier, so as to make the indoor air has been in a fresh state, then we usually how to air purifier heat Fan to do maintenance, the following to teach you how to maintain air purifier fan.

First, we use the air purifier, we must pay more attention to the maintenance of external chassis. Chassis power to conduct regular safety checks to avoid damage; In addition, the dust of the chassis to regularly use a towel or brush to clean.

Second, at any time watching the situation inside the chassis, and some chassis due to the use of the number of years, the chassis internal air purifier fan rotation difficult or not turn, too much dust, parts off, etc., must be timely cleaning and removal of abnormal The

Third, we should pay attention to check whether the circuit abnormal phenomenon, but also for the home air purifier circuit is a more important part, which is conducive to the safety of electricity.

Fourth, the cleaning of the filter can usually be removed, and use the fan to blow its dust, and can use the water to rinse it.
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